Gospel Face Painting

Gospel Face Painting

Evangelism through face painting

Face painting is a popular and well-loved activity for children. It’s also a perfect opportunity to use the Wordless Book colors to tell the story of the Gospel! Imagine becoming more fluent in sharing the Gospel with children and their families using this simple technique!
What is the story?

Gold Represents God. God is the Creator of everything, but the Bible says His most special creation is you and me! He loves you very much. He is perfect (holy) and lives in a special home called heaven.

Dark represents sin. Sin is anything we think, say, or do that breaks God’s law or makes Him sad. The Bible says that we all sin, and that the punishment for sin is separation from God, now and forever. NOTE: We always refer to this color as “dark” to emphasize that our hearts are dark because of our sin.

Red represents Jesus, both His person and work on the cross. Jesus, the perfect Son of God, never did anything wrong. He willingly gave His blood and His life to take the punishment for your sin and for mine. Three days later, He came alive again and was seen by witnesses. Now, He’s in heaven with God.

Clean represents salvation. Because of what Jesus did on the cross, you can have your sin forgiven! Here is where the child is offered the opportunity to ask Jesus to be his Savior from sin. NOTE: We always refer to this color as “clean” to emphasize that only Jesus makes our hearts clean from sin.

Green represents growth.. If you have believed in the Lord Jesus, He wants you to grow in Him. The acronym G-R-O-W helps you remember ways to grow. G stands for go to church and Sunday School. R is read your Bible and pray every day. O reminds you to obey God, and W stands for witnessing, which is just a big word for telling others about Jesus.

No! The face painting designs are fairly simple and easy to recreate. Our training will give you an opportunity to not only practice sharing the Wordless Book story but to practice the designs as well. Also, not every volunteer needs to paint faces. A Gospel face painting booth will need greeters and other “behind the scenes” help to make the event successful.

This method of sharing the Gospel can be used in many different ways. It is a great way to add an evangelistic component to children’s events at your church – Easter egg hunts, Christmas parties, fall festivals, etc. 

Gospel face painting also provides opportunities to reach into the local community through fairs and festivals.  Our local CEF staff can assist you in securing a booth at local events, training church volunteers to share the Gospel through face painting, and providing basic supplies.

Combined Wilson County/TN State Fair

Every year, CEF volunteers share approximately 1600 face-to-face Gospel presentations through face painting at the combined Wilson County/TN State Fair. You can get involved this year!

For more information, contact our office!

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